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Comic transcript is as follows

Clerk says: Did you find what you were looking for?
Aeva says: Uh...
(awkward pause)
Aeva says: ... no. It's hard to when you don't know what it is you want.
Clerk says: Heh, I suppose
not. Your total is
eleven even.
Aeva says: Ok, here
you go...
Aeva says: How about you?
Have you found what you're
looking for?
Clerk says: No, not
Clerk says: Have a good night.

Lonely City People

I think the comic above is more in line with my original conception for this site than anything I've posted on it so far, in two respects:

The first, is that I originally started this site as a creative outlet to vent in private all of my feels from everything from emotional pain encountered during the social side of transitioning genders to the sort of isolation and loneliness that only a densely populated city can inspire. As you can see, this site didn't quite pan out that way.

The other aspect is incredibly nerdy - I wanted to make comics which specifically utilized the fact that they were contained within a web browser as a practical component of the media it was published on. The typesetting above is done in html, for example. If you turn off the css for this page, it will appear like a transcript. Ideally, this means that the transcript of the comic is also index-able by search engines. I have a couple of future pages planned out which will manifest as interactive games.

Anyways, to elaborate a bit more on that first point - feels - this one is about being a total shut-in. There are plenty of days where the only human contact I have sans online communication is talking to whomever is working at whatever shops I might visit that day. When I'm feeling isolated, I also think about another problem (at the time of writing) - being single. If I peck at it for too long, it devolves into me re-evaluating my overall worth as a human being, or otherwise acting like a crazy person and engaging in dour conversations with complete strangers.

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