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In the other news...

Once upon a time, I was working a dead end job. To help me keep my sanity; I decided to try to keep a regular webcomic. The purpose of this comic would be to bitch about life; to draw for the sake of it; and - above all - to be obscure. Not in the talk about obscure things. Obscure in that I want you to go the fuck away so I can think. So I can find some peace.

And then I didn't do much with this comic.

But - I have a new job now. I'm feeling more myself again... and I've actually had time to work on this piece of shit website =D And work on this site I have! I've put together a custom database backend; which I've lovingly named "Pariah". And - I've written a simple wsgi framework to use that database to serve shitty comics and bad art to you!

All of this fancy code serves a purpose. But - I don't feel like explaining it here. The main reason for doing all this extra work is simply that there really isn't anything out there to my knowledge that can do what I eventually want to do with the comic.

But I digress.

If you know what I'm talking about here, chances are, this update is exciting to you. It is exciting for me! If you don't know what I'm talking about - stay tuned; it will be more apparent sooner or later. And by stay tuned; I mean go away.

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